Vantage Point

Vantage Point

This week sees us starting our next two 14 Day Outback Tours. Everyone will be coming with different expectations, experiences, personalities, strengths and weaknesses. One thing in common is that they have a strong desire to ‘See The Kimberley’.

Viewing Geikie Gorge

How we view life is unique to everyone. The way we deal with challenges, and cope with new experiences is very individual. On this type of holiday your tour group becomes your family for the 2 weeks. You support and care for each other. You share different vantage points to process and experience the journey. Sharing with each other unique insights and observations . This has the potential to make your experience more diverse, rich and fulfilling.

July 1 tour group

July 2 Tour Group

Andy has been using a drone on his trips to get photos from unique vantage points. I hope that you are enjoying the creative views. The next time I will be chatting will be when the tours are on the Gibb River Road. Talk to you then. xx

Gibb River Road Tours