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Jenny - 2019

I am so pleased that I managed to get onto the KST trip recommended to me by my friends. It truly was an adventure to remember. I loved Broome and Kimberley and will certainly be back. I was impressed with Andy and Dean's amazing patience, humour and all round skills. Everything was well organised while feeling relaxed. I will certainly recommend KST to others.


Rosemary - 2019

Words cannot describe how much I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. It was truly an amazing trip. Kimberley Safari Tours is the ONLY company that anyone should consider when visiting the Kimberley or the Western Coast of Western Australia.

Niamh - 2019

I did the Kimberley Outback tour for 15 days. Everyday was somehow even better than the last, with two incredibly talented and fun guides Andy and Dean. I like to travel a lot and this is one of my favourite things I have ever done! At the end of the trip , we all felt like one big family. The sights of the Kimberley are incredible, unique and breathtaking! Then I extended the trip and did 14 day Broome to Perth Coastal Tour. This went through the Pilbara and Gascoyne areas. Karijini National Park was a highlight. Doing both together showed me how incredibly vast and different the WA landscape can be. After 29 days sleeping in a tent, I can honestly say that the setup that Kimberley Safaris have makes it so easy and so comfortable and I had a great night sleep every night under a canopty of stars. Could recommend it more! 5 Billion Stars!!!!

Bill and Joy - 2019

We had an unbelievable trip through the Kimberley on the 16 day adventurer. We felt that your tour was excellent value for money. We saw and did everything that other tours offered ( generally at double your price) and we all felt we saw and did much, much more than these other companies. The food was unbelievable , always fresh and plentiful and we really enjoyed the camaraderie of helping with the preparation. Putting up our own tents was absolutely no imposition. We are left with so many invaluable memories. Our sincere thanks.


Graeme and Angela - 2019

We had an fantastic holiday, or should I say Adventure! It took us out of our daily comfort zone to enjoy camping and bush walking experiences in wonderful gorges and landscapes of The Kimberley. We even became accustomed to the corrugated roads. The trip was well organised including booking and communications, the camping sites, fresh good food and the well planned itinerary. Communication and information on locations, walks and indigenous culture from the staff was excellent. Andy's singing and guitar playing around the campire at night was a highlight. We would fully recommend the Adventure to anyone who wants a different experience in a wonderful part of WA.

Anne and John - 2019

An absolutely fabulous trip into a unique part of Australia. We could never have explored the Kimberley without KST's expertise. Andy and Dean were just the best - even with my dietary requirements. Walking in unique scenery , swimming under the waterfalls, stunning rock art, camp fires, great food and sleeping under the stars, wat more could one want? An unforgettable experience.

Diane and David - 2019

We had a fantastic holiday and haven’t stopped telling anyone we can what a wonderful group yours is. I feel this was due to the excellent organising done as a background to the trip and the helpful way all our questions were answered. Matthew and Mark were excellent tour leaders. Great leadership abilities and taking everything in their stride. Always patient. The knowledge of the area, of Aboriginal beliefs and artwork, the interaction with us all and the cooking ( !) could not be surpassed. I think the choice of camping was so much better than other options, as it brought us closer to nature, which is always very healing, bringing us away from our everyday life. Being out of contact ( with the possibility of that contact if needed) of mobile phones etc gave a sense of freedom as did the lack of mirrors and hairdryers. There were so many highlights, and we will never forget our time away.

Sara -2019

Thank you for a wonderful trip in the Kimberley. Getting the wide expansive majestic sense of the country and the millions of stars for two weeks was amazing, something to keep hold of while living in suburbia. What a treat being able to get to beautiful wild gorges and other places and NOT having to drive on those roads/ equip myself for the journey! I also enjoyed getting a little more taste of indigenous culture and history with a visit to Yiyili, rock art , learning about Jandamarra and a little taste of pastoralists life with Durack history, Ellenbrae stay. Great to meet other people and spend 2 weeks together. So relaxing not having to make any decisions and knowing I was in very good hands. The Kimberley holds a special place in my heart now, too. Thank you!

Aileen - 2018

What a fantastic trip, so well organised and led by two great guys in andy and Dean : all with a smile. We had a wonderful group of characters, literally so much fun and so many laughs. I got the accolade for tent pitching and Dean for the cheese cake. The Kimberley is such a magnificent part of our great country and I am so thrilled to have had the opportunity to experience all the moods of life in the Kimberley. So many memories to ponder and enjoy.

With Gratitude.

Kathryn - 2018

Thank you Kimberley Safari Tours - I had the best time. Both Tim and Andy were very patient and I dont think that I have laughed so much in a 2 week period, and the other tour members were fantastic, caring and inclusive. The Kimberley is an amazing place. I am so glad I chose your tour group - very personalised and supportive. I enjoyed the plentiful food and treats. The best tour I have been on in Australia.

Kate and Carolyn - 2018

Wow where do I start - what an amazing holiday. Thankyou Carmel and Matthew. Our holiday exceeded all our expectations. Of course the mind blowing scenery, the magic that is the Kimberley. Each day was better than the last. But we would like to give credit to your fabulous team. Thank you for an amazing holiday and putting us in such caring hands.

Donna and Alex - 2018

 We had an amazing time. Very relaxed with having on cares to worry about. Mattew took the worry out of everything. Limited phone coverage has its advantages also. Everything was perfect. We were fed very well. food was amazing. Without Matthew's experience and knowledge of the area, we would have never known that a lot of these unique places existed. We also had such a great bunch of folk to enjoy this experience with. Thank you for all for all your hard work.


Janette and Woody - 2018

Janette and I would just like to put on record our appreciation for a fantastic tour organised for us by Kimberley Safari Tours. A tour of this area has been on our bucket list for years and we are glad we chose your tour as it ticked all the boxes for us. Andy and Marty ensured everyone on the trip enjoyed the best possible experience one could hope for. Their safe driving, guidance, cooking and music all contributed to a most memorable experience that will be indelibly inscribed in our memory for eternity.



Debra and Conrad - 2017

The tour was absolutely fantastic and every day was picture postcard perfect. It was a wonderful group with continual fun and laughter. Andy was sensational and I admired his lay back attitude especially when the tyre was completely shredded.  A truly magnificent holiday. Highly recommended.

Ralph and Patti - 2017

Our 16 day tour with Kimberley Safari Tours was an outstanding experience in every way . It became clear very early into the tour, that Matt's main aim was to ensure every guest had the best experience possible and that we shared his infectious passion for the Kimberley Region, ably assisted by Chris.

Our 16 day adventure was filled with stunning scenery that only the Kimberley can offer. Interesting walks  most rewarded with a refreshing swim in a beautiful waterhole, challenging roads, lots of laughter, some camp oven culinary delights and an authentic camping experience without the hardships. It's hard to identify highlights, as every day was a unique experience.

And while we were all enjoying this unique experience, Carmel was working hard in the background troubleshooting and managing the day to day challenges that the roads such as the Gibb River Road are bound to throw at you. Right from the beginning, her friendly helpfulness and attention to every detail made the booking process very easy and left no questions unanswered.

Ros - 2017

I have just completed a 14 day Kimberley Outback Safari with Andy, Richard and Sandro. What an amazing trip, a long time dream to travel the Gibb River Road. Not only did I get to experience those must see icons: The Bungle Bungles, The Pentecost River  Crossing, Mitchell Falls, Tunnel Creek and Windjana Gorge, but also got to see so much more of this beautiful and still isolated part of Australia. Andy's passion for the area and its people certainly added to the experience and my sister and I loved the bush camping, campfires and stunning scenery. I chose this tour because it offered me an experience as near to what I would do if I was able to drive it myself and I have certainly not been let down. I loved the walks, swimming beneath waterfalls, the helicopter ride into the Mitchell Falls , Geikie Gorge, Boab Trees and stunning river crossings, not to mention wonderful meals in which everyone had a hand. Thank you for fulfilling another bucket list moment.

Dympna - 2017

Wow. What a wonderful holiday Kimberley Safari Tours provided for me. I haven't stopped praising your company since I arrived home. Every day was a highlight.

Gill - 2017

If you are a single, female traveller wishing to explore and experience the majesty of the Kimberley region. I have no hesitation in recommending Kimberley Safari Tours. This family owned and operated company will certainly not disappoint with their expert attention to detail and professional, yet personable service. Thank you so much Carmel, Matthew, Andrew and Brodie. It was evident your commitment towards carrying out excellent small group service provided me with an experience I will now never forget. The 16 day Adventurer was filled with many' firsts'. First for the company, the group and myself which I feel very blessed to have been part of. As each day passed, I soon realised this 'adventure' was only enhanced by travelling with Kimberley Safari Tours. Every day truly became better and better than the one before , a magical journey under a canopy of brilliant stars.

Patsy - 2017

I have just completed a 16 day tour with Kimberley Safari Tours. My experienced were not only joyous and momentous but heartfelt and emotional. Every day I was exposed to beauty that filled my heart with love and joy. I would travel with them anywhere with complete trust. Kimberley Safari Tours are a well oiled machine in all aspects of their operation. I would recommend them to anyone wanting an experience of a lifetime.

Jen - 2017

My Kimberley trip could not have been better! I thoroughly loved it. Andy and Brodie were amazing, to the point they were two of the best guides I've ever had. We had a fantastic group, magic campfires, great food, and of course the added bonus of Andy's guitar serenades. All in all, a truly fantastic trip.

Karen and Richard - 2017

Thank you Matthew for being a great tour leader - your love for your work is very apparent and we thank you for all the care you gave us. We liked the route that our tour took by going along the Great Northern Highway first and then down the Gibb River Road. This gave us a chance to become used to the vehicle on the bitumen before going on the rough roads and also to the routine of the trip and camping before going to the more remote areas.

We liked the variety of activities, great food, camping under the stars ( we always slept without the fly on our tent and could look up at the stars), swimming in the gorges, views from the helicopter flights and the friendly people on our tour, The images of the Kimberley will remain with us for the rest of our lives - that first evening with the wonderful light and stunning reflections in Geikie Gorge, combined with our first meeting with freshwater crocodiles, was a fantastic introduction to the Kimberley and to the wonders that followed each day.  We would definitely recommend Kimberley Safari Tours to anyone who wanted to experience  the Kimberley and liked camping and hiking.


Kimberley Safari Tours – 14 Day 'Outback' Kimberley Tour Aug/Sep 2015

What a brilliant tour this was, it’s great to travel to a place where you can still experience the rawness and splendour of Nature relatively untouched.

It was lovely to travel with a small group where we all contributed in the duties of the camp each day, and everyone interacted so well together. The meals and camp oven cooking were great, especially with the added bonus of Deborah’s Belgian treats.

This was my first experience of travelling with a tour group, and I loved it for the small size of the group, the daily hikes up spectacular gorges and swims in crystal clear pools, visits to aboriginal rock art and community schools, the vastness of the night sky viewed through the fine mesh of our tents minus their outer fly. We couldn’t have reached these magical places in a conventional vehicle, even if we knew where to find them.

Thanks Matt for being so flexible and accommodating, for your local knowledge, particularly of aboriginal sites and respect for their cultural traditions……and thanks Carmel for your ongoing communication with information and suggestions prior to the trip.

Overall, a fantastic experience, Thanks, Rae.


This has been an extraordinary experience and I have appreciated your easy manner and generous demeanor the whole trip.

Maggie, Sydney

Appreciate your willing capable helpfulness no matter what the request.

Heather, Adelaide

This trip has been a valuable time for me one of grounding, return to nature and escape from city life. Thanks for all of your hard work and delightful company.


Anna, Sydney

Kimberley Safari tours, what a fabulous adventure they took us on. The attention to detail was amazing. 4 star camping.

Helen, Inpinoto

The tents were great, fine netting let me be with the brilliant night sky.