Our Team


Matthew and Carmel

My wife Carmel and I founded the business out of a sheer love for the North West of Western Australia in particularly the Gibb River Road and the Kimberley. We have a passionate desire to enable others who perhaps don’t have access to a 4WD and camping equipment, to share in these unique holiday destinations and experiences.

Carmel and I have been married for 27 years and have spent 4 of those years based in the UK working in developing nations to enhance education, health and business opportunities with disadvantaged people (focus on Eastern and Southern Africa). We have travelled extensively throughout these nations  using local transport and tenting. We have also lived for many years in the northwest of WA – exploring the Pilbara and Kimberley regions extensively. Part of my work in the Northwest was to support local Aboriginal communities in their governance. We have spent our adult lives camping and exploring our vast magnificent country Australia (with our three now grown up children). A Family highlight was travelling around Australia as a family in our 4WD – camping for 13 months. Life before marriage saw me working for a rural development organisation in Nepal – focusing on reforestation, enhanced farming techniques and water sanitation. This sparked a passion to look outside of my immediate social context and embrace the world as my neighbour. My educational background is in management and adult education. Carmel has 30 years’ experience working in health as an Occupational Therapist and as Managing Director of a Community OT Practice. We both bring high level interpersonal skills and management experience to Kimberley Safari Tours.

Come on a tour and get to know us. We’d love to meet you.

Christopher MacGregor

Christopher MacGregor

Christopher has been driving trucks for Kimberley Safari Tours since 2017.  During the northern wet season, he’s busy in the southwest of the state with his other passion, tending his bees and harvesting the delicious honey that KST are pleased to be able to provide to you during your Kimberley experience. Don’t be surprised to hear him sprout forth about the evils of supermarket-bought honey during your trip. But Christopher doesn’t just love bees – he will be celebrating as equally important all the flies, bugs and creepy crawlies of the outback.

He also carries a flame for the respect due to the original inhabitants of this ancient land. After sunset, whilst in the Kimberley, his favourite past time is scanning the sky for meteors and other heavenly events.


Andy Bambach

Andy Bambach has been a tour leader/driver in East Africa for many years, guiding travellers to experience exotic animals and cultures in the wilds of Africa.

Andy has travelled extensively through the Kimberley and the World. Andy led Tours driving 4WD MAN trucks on some of the worst roads in Africa so guests could experience amazing places like the Serengeti (Tanzania), Masai Mara (Kenya), Ngorongoro Crater & Zanzibar (Tanzania). From close up encounters with Mountain Gorillas (Zaire/DRC) to gliding through the Okavango Delta (Botswana) past hippo’s in traditional Macoro canoes, Andy’s love for ‘off the beaten track’ adventure, foreign cultures and camping by an open fire under a canopy of stars makes him the perfect tour guide/driver for the Kimberley.

Andy also travels extensively working as a documentary film-maker and photographer into remote Aboriginal bush communities in Australia and recently in the slums of India and Africa. He loves driving remote Australian desert and bush tracks including the Gibb River Road, Tanami, Gunbarrel, Strzeliki, Oodnadata, Birdsville, Plenty and Sandover.

Andy and Matthew are Brothers who have travelled extensively together in Australia and may other parts of the globe. Andy loves music and travels with his guitar, so you can expect some music around the campfire.


Joel Bambach

Joel is our eldest son and we welcome him to the team this year.

Joel supports many of the trips as a driver, cook, guide and helper. He brings exuberance and energy to any tour he is on. His pastimes include surfing, basketball and music.

During the off-season, Joel works on product review/development as well as co-ordinating aspects of vehicle and equipment preparation and maintenance.

Joel and Matthew