Announcement Re COVID 19 (25 March 2020)
We are sorry to say that Kimberley Safari Tours is postponing all tours in 2020 until 2021.
The COVID - 19 virus has had world wide implications and everyone has been affected. The borders are shutting and the Kimberley is rapidly closing to protect the remote communities. The health services are struggling to provide a service and have limited ability to provide the life saving respirators that people may need who fall very ill with the virus.
As you can imagine there are many costs in setting up for the season including wages, vehicles, equipment. These costs cannot be reclaimed and our staff no longer have employment for the season. We are all in a difficult place with the rest of the world. At this time it is good to be thankful for what we do have and to help others who are in need.

At this time, we are asking for patience as we deal with bookings. We are offering all guests credit, valid for 24 months which is fully transferrable. This is to protect the interests of ALL of our guests so you can join us in the future when we get through these unprecedented times. 


Please let us know what date you can to switch to or you can take a credit which entitles you to a tour of the same duration for up to 24 months. Please see dates below. You will notice that the dates correlate closely to the dates for this (2020) season.


We appreciate your support and understanding. Please stay healthy and we will all be enjoying the amazing Kimberley region together as soon we can.


We will continue to provide up to date information on our website


Thank you for supporting Kimberley Safari Tours and we can’t wait to see you on a Kimberley Safari Tour.


May God give you strength and peace during these difficult times.

Matthew & Carmel

2021 Season Kimberley Safari Tours Dates

1 -14 May 2021 Perth to Broome 14 Days (Sat – Fri)

16 May30 May 2021 Outback 15 Day (Sun –Sun)

18 May – 2 June 2021 Adventurer 16 Day (Tues - Wed)

4 June19 June 2021 Adventurer 16 Day (Fri – Sat)

7 June21 June 2021 Outback 15 Day (Mon – Mon)

24 June – 9 July 2021 Adventurer 16 Day (Thurs – Fri)

26 June – July 11 2021 Adventurer 16 Day (Sat – Sun)

17 July – 1 2021 August Adventurer 16 Day (Sat – Sun)

8 August – 22 August 2021 Outback (Sun – Sun)

25 August – 7 September 2021 Broome to Perth 14 Days (Wed – Tues)


Last updated 25 March 2020