Kimberley Safari Tours Transport
A Kimberley Tour requires strong 4WD vehicles. We have four modern purpose built 4WD coaches, built for the rugged conditions of the Kimberley - strong with upgraded suspension.

Our model is having two coaches on the road and two coaches as back ups - so in the unlikely event of a breakdown there are always vehicles available to switch.

The seating area is roomy - most guests can stand up tall. All guest seats are reclining and forward facing with individual air-conditioning vents to each seat. All seats have seat belts to ensure your maximum safety. Vehicles have extra-large windows for vision and photography, fire extinguishers, satellite telephones, first aid kits,  USB charging for devices and many safety features. Three of of our coaches have TV monitors (often set to show the drivers view). We carry lot of spare parts, tyres, multiple jacks etc.

We have exterior lighting fitted on the vehicles so we can easily light up out campsites and each vehicle carries lots of drinking water. We carry multiple fridges for food as well as ice boxes for drinks.

We are one of the few companies that carry defibrillators.