Fun On The Gibb

Manning River Crossing


Another week has gone by and seen two more groups of guests leave the Kimberley after an exciting time with Kimberley Safari Tours. I thought that this week I might highlight some of the action that happens during the time on the Gibb River Road.


One of the highlights for many people is the still evenings with the camp fire. We always carry a guitar with us and music around the camp fire is not uncommon. The feature photo shows you the boat crossing at Manning River. On our 16 day tours, we stay here for two nights camped around giant boab trees. The camp fire above is also at Manning River.
This is a welcome rest point after coming off from the rough roads at the Mitchell Falls. We explore many areas to display for you the amazing Aboriginal Rock Art. Absolutely incredible.

Mitchell Plateau Art

Hidden Art

Some of the boab trees in the Kimberley are incredibly old – they can live up to 2000 years. One was transported from Warmun  ( Telegraph Creek) to Perth’s Kings Park as a gift from the Gija People  in 2008. It survived the 3200km journey and is still settling in its new surrounds. It is pretty young at 750 years. We visit many boab trees, camp beneath them and even give them a hug.

Ancient Boab Tree

We had a very talented guest on the last tour who enjoyed sketching some of the scenes. We were honoured that she sketched our camp site.

Art on the Gibb

This week sees the start of our next two tour groups who are embarking on a 14 day Outback Tour. One group departs on the 1st and the other on the 2nd of July. We hope and pray that they have a safe and exciting trip ahead.

Chat again next week.