Twilight Wolfe Creek Crater


One of the highlights for guests on our tours are the amazing star filled nights. Broome has a local astonomer Greg Quicke who states ” you can embark on your own journey through the heavens without ever leaving the ground. There are two galaxies visible to the naked eye and the Kimberley has the best and brightest parts of the Milky Way.”


Bands play under boab trees at Manning River

One of the lovely experiences our guests have is to camp with the stars shining down on them from above. We encourage our guests to not have the fly over their tents and so you are sleeping directly under the canopy of stars. It is a truly amazing experience. This is one of the reasons that we chose to use Dome Tents( that you can stand up in).

Andy ( one of our tour leaders) had the added bonus on one tour ( one evening) to play his guitar and original music at Manning River, when they had a fund raising concert.

Zebedee Hot Springs

The Kimberley has world class viewing of the night skies as it is such a remote region and the evenings are so dark without the interruption of  light from nearby towns or settlements.

Free Danggu Cruise

Some guests state that one of the best things about having to get up to go to the toilet in the middle of the night is to stop and view the amazing showcase above.

Good looking tour group on Outback 15 Day Tour

Guests might like to go on Geg Quickie’s Astro Tours when they get back to Broome as he has some fantastic telescopes to view the night sky with.


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