cooling off

It is currently the school holiday time in the July period. The Kimberley becomes cooler and busier as families head towards Broome for a warm break from the cool southern temperatures. It is the time in the Kimberley when the weather is at its mildest.  Broome has had some chilly mornings below 10 degrees and out on the Gibb River Road our guests enjoyed putting on their warm clothes as they sat around a fire. The day time temperatures however are still wonderfully warm ( around 28 – 30 degrees). Fantastic temperatures for walking, exploring and swimming.

exploring rock art

Zebedee Hot Springs

The evenings can get very cold along the Gibb River Road and it is important to ensure that you bring along a warm set of clothes for the chilly evenings and mornings – particularly for guests travelling at the end of June and into July.  The lovely clear nights making star gazing fantastic. This season Andy has been taking a telescope for the guests to view to fantastic canopy of stars.