Cooling Down in the Kimberley

Tour Group 4 June 12th

It was a hot start to this group’s adventure with temperatures reaching 37 degrees at Halls Creek. The weather then started settling and they even had rain at Lake Argyle while they were setting up camp. Thank goodness the rain didn’t last and everything dried out quickly.

Rough Gibb River Road

Tomorrow the group are heading down the road to reach the Munurru Camp Site. The road to the Mitchell Falls has been graded and is the best it has been for years. Hopefully they wont have too many items rattling off the vehicle. They will be exploring the rock art. The region that they will be exploring has 2 important tree resources: the Livistona palm for food ( Dangana) and the Stringybark for utensils, art, didgeridoo and shelter.

Waterfalls and More Waterfalls

They will be enjoying swimming, hiking and exploring. All the best to the group as they continue to explore God’s beautiful creation.