Bill Matthew and Joel



Our first group has headed off on the 20th May with our 2 new helpers for the season. Joel and Bill. This trip is extra special as it was organised by a couple ( Denise and Bill) who had been on the tour before and wanted their friends to experience the wonders of the Kimberley. The tour group also has many people celebrating 50 and 60th birthdays. I think they will be having 2 weeks of celebrations.

Having fun with friends


They have been exploring China Man’s Wall at Halls Creek. The wall is a sub vertical quartz vein which projects above the surrounding rocks to form a natural white stone wall with a block like appearance. The quartz being harder and more resistant to weathering has remained standing whilst the softer rocks have eroded away.

The group then moved to explore Purnululu. The road within Purnululu National park ( Spring Creek Track) has been closed due to fires. It is opened for limited time during the day. The group will be camping in the National Park so they can make the most of the limited opening hours at the moment.  Some of the group will be enjoying the beehive domes from the air.





The group had plenty of rest and fun at Lake Argyle Resort. The group enjoyed the sunset cruise on Lake Argyle followed by a delicious meal at the restaurant  with live music and dancing to follow. A fantastic way to celebrate birthdays.






May they continue to enjoy their adventure as they head towards the Gibb River Road.