Coming To An End

Adventurer Tour Group July 21st

This week has seen the last of our lovely tour groups heading off on an Adventure. They are going on a 16 day Adventurer Tour with Andy as the Tour Leader and Tim ( his assistant). The above photo is taken from a lookout at Purnululu.  They have already been along the Tanami to Wolfe Creek Crater. The track is very rough at the moment as is the drive into Purnululu. The group were very patient as  the sharp rocks destroyed a tyre and rim.

Hiking back from the crater

The group have just finished a lovely relaxing time at Lake Argyle.

Dusk on Lake Argyle

Today they commencing the trip down the Gibb River Road. Reports are that the road is in bad shape and the corrugations are as high as mountains. Goodluck to everyone.

Gibb Here We Come

Fast Flowing Mitchell Falls

Mitchell Falls

There has been a fire in the Mitchell Falls region and some of the roads have been closed. All will be open and accessible by the time the group are in the region on saturday. Today some of our guests are enjoying the horse riding at ElQuestro. It is a wonderful ride up to a lookout where you enjoy afternoon tea amid beautiful surroundings. Other members of the group are enjoying a cruise down the Chamberlain Gorge.

We have two other tours also commencing this week.  We have two school groups from Perth coming up to spend time with two Aboriginal Community Schools – Frog Hollow and Yiyli. The year nines of both schools are very excited to spend time together.

Secret Places in Purnululu

One of the groups had a wonderful time with elders and students camping in a region in Purnululu that the general public don’t have access to – having fun and sharing experiences together.

We are a blessed nation to have this beautiful country that had been so well cared for , for 1000’s of years by the traditional owners. We need to have the same heart and love of the land to be able to preserve it for future generations.

Chat again next week.