Hidden Gems

Fun Times For All

I find that everyone who comes on a holiday has a different motivation for being here. It might be a bucket list destination, the Gorges, Purnululu, the remoteness. Keen for a different experience. Some of our guests spend a lot of time taking just the right photo. They wait for the perfect lighting, expression on a face, unique aspect to a vista, a hidden animal. It is a art form. We have been gifted with many beautiful photos from guests this season.

Fresh Water Crocodile

I thought that I would highlight some of the imagination and beauty of the region.

Vibrant Colours

Hiding Place

Rock Art

Waiting and Watching

Chinaman’s Wall

Sunset at Geikie

Pentecost Crossing

Land of the Boab

I hope that these beautiful photos inspire you to explore this magnificent land that God has created. We might see you on a Kimberley Adventure of a lifetime !!

Enjoy the week.