Wet Wild and Awash

Rough Gibb River Road

The question that I am frequently asked is: What are the waterfalls doing this year? Will they be flowing?

It has been an incredible wet season. I think that there has been enough rain to make up for the last two years of drier conditions. The Mitchell Falls has been a fast flowing monster. Lake Argyle has had water filling over the spillways. The Kimberley has had its thirst quenched.

Not only will the waterfalls be magnificent, but the Gorges will be full to the brim. The hikes in the warm dusty dry season conditions, will be rewarded with plunging into the pristine water holes. It will be a fantastic experience.

There is a lot of activity along the Gibb at the moment to get the tracks and road in order for use. Along with the fantastic amount of water, also brings about a fair amount of erosion and washouts along the red corrugated roads. Some of the iconic places such as Windjana Gorge and Tunnel Creek are still inaccessible.

This season we decided ( Matthew and I ) to reverse the itinerary for the tours. This must have been an epiphany from above, as it means that the 2017 tour groups will be venturing down the Gibb River Road in the second part of the tour. The first tour for the season won’t be hitting the Gibb until the end of May/ beginning of June. Yippy the roads will be open and hopefully in beautiful condition.

Mitchell Falls

Stay tune to more updates about what is happening for Kimberley Safari Tours this season……