New Beginnings

Broome sunset

Today is the start of our first trip for the season – 2017. Andy is at the wheel with his trusty assistant Brodie at his side. There are 15 very excited guests who are all embarking on a Kimberley Adventure.

The first trip is always especially exciting, as it is the first time that we can experience what the roads will be like for the season. We know that this year they have taken an exceptionally large  beating during the wet season.

We have had a new trailer built for this season, with additional beefed up suspension. It is purpose built by the wonderful team at Wandering Star Trailer ( a local WA company). This will be the test run trip for the trailer – apart from the trek up from Perth ( which it performed beautifully).

We have also added a new 16 Day Tour for the 2017 season. This tour takes guests into the Wolfe Creek Crater. It is the 2nd largest meteorite crater in the world which they have found meteorite fragments in . The current tour group are on this trip.

Every tour is a new beginning : for friendships, fun, exploring new places. As the sunsets over the horizon, we know that a new day will be dawning around the corner. We need to take time to appreciate our beautiful world and see the wonders all around us. New beginnings can be nerve wracking, but they can also open up a new and wonderful chapter in your life.

Brodie making damper

Look forward to next weeks chat. xx