Munurru Camp Ground

Mudarwin – Boss Wanjina for this country.

Our tour group three left Broome on June 9th and have journeyed on a 16 day tour. They have been enjoying staying at the Munurru Camp Ground. This season is the first time the Wunambal Gaambera People have started operating the camp grounds in their region. Kimberley Safari Tours are Uunguu Tour Operators and can bring tour groups into the region. Robert is in charge of the Munurru Camp Ground. This is important Yawal ( waterhole) country with Ngarli ( paperbacks) , Miiyani ( waterlilies) and Wulumara( long neck turtles).

Tranquil Waters

Munurru camp ground is set alongside the beautiful King Edward River – a major river system which extends to the sea and is a border between the Wanambal country and Ngarinyin Country.  The guests on this trip were fortunate to have a talk from 2 local Indigenous men about the region. Today they ventured up to the Mitchell Falls. They have been exploring rock art sites.

They are soon to be heading down the rest of the Gibb River Road back towards Broome. I hope that the rest of their journey is wonderful.

Tour group 3 at Purnululu

Enjoying a swim at Lake Argyle