Mitchell Falls Survivors

Mitchell Falls Flight

Mitchell Falls Flight

Mitchell Falls Viewing

Andy and Matt have taken the two groups up and back from the Mitchell Falls. The views from the air were stunning and all guests enjoyed the complementary helicopter flight. Some people even did the flight both ways. The rest of the group spent time exploring the falls, rock art, and nature as they completed the hike back to the starting point.

Valerie at Mitchell Falls

The road to and from King Edward River ( where we are camped) up to the Mitchell Falls was very rough. It was definitely slow progress as the guys carefully manoeuvred the vehicles around pot holes washouts and mountains of corrugations.  Andy’s group enjoyed the luxury of having a camp fire prepared for them and dinner already started as Matt’s group had arrived at the camp site earlier in the afternoon after driving from Ellenbrae Station. They were heading to the Mitchell Falls the next day.

Art on the Mitchell Plateau

The evening should be magnificent this week as the moon is getting fuller. The stairway to the moon can be seen in Broome  – best dates for June are 10th, 11th and 12th.  This is great timing for the guests as they will be back in Broome and hopefully still be there to view it. Our next two trips start on the 13th and 14th of June and so hopefully they will also view the  moon on the low tide in the Bay.

Boab Manning River

Camp Oven Damper

Prison Boab with Andy

Over the next week both groups will be heading back to Broome as their adventure is coming to an end. I hope that they enjoyed their time with Kimberley Safari Tours and the magnificent WA Kimberley.

Tunnel Creek Walk

Ready to go into Tunnel Creek

Look forward to next week’s chat.