Beautiful Scenary

Geikie Gorge at Sunset

This week saw two new groups heading off on a Kimberley Adventure. We have Matthew ( Tour Leader) and Chris ( assistant) – heading up the Adventurer Tour ( 16 days). Chris is new to the team but has great experience in Adventure Tours in Africa and has worked closely with Andy ( our other Tour Leader) in movie making within Aboriginal Communities in Australia.

Every tour group enjoys a complimentary Geikie Gorge Cruise at sunset on the first day. The colours are exquisite against the gorge cliffs. This morning the group has wandered around the rim of Wolfe Creek Crater and into the base of the crater.

Wolfe Creek Crater in the Morning

Kimberley Safari Group June 14th

Andy heads up the Outback Tour Group. This group is especially fortunate to have two assistants in tow – Michael and Sandro.  Today they are leaving Fitzroy Crossing and heading up towards Purnululu. Tomorrow they will enjoy exploring the wonderful rock formations and chasms within Purnululu.  Some of the guests will take a helicopter flight over Purnululu. The temperatures have been wonderful for hiking – high 20’s with the evenings being a little chilly. Perfect for the lovely fires and Andy bringing out the guitar.

Echidna Gorge Purnululu

All the best to the Kimberley Adventurers.