Wolfe Creek Crater

Out of all our tours the Adventurer allows you to spend the most time in the Kimberley. Combine that with friendly staff, like minded guests and breathtaking scenery, its not hard to see why people rave about it. 16 Action packed days lets you feel like you have truly experienced a lot of what this special part of the world has to offer.

Wolfe Creek Crater is not on the itinerary for our other trips and most other tour companies do not visit this spectacular site. Don’t worry if you have seen the film Wolf Creek, as the ‘true story’ it was influenced by happened in the northern territory about 2000 kilometers from Wolfe Creek National Park.

Our adventure here begins in the late afternoon as we set up camp and experience the crater at a scenic lookout for sunset. This is followed up the next day by an exploration of the crater with a walk, that takes you, around the rim. Keep your eyes peeled for wildflowers and murderers (just kidding).

Check out our Adventurer Tour here https://www.gibbriverroadtours.com.au/tour-itinerary/adventurer/

Provided by Tourism Western Australia